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[Resurse jucatori] [Cfg] gHZ

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Cfg ul meu ; e un cfg pentru SOFTWARE

cl_dynamiccrosshair "0" // tinta dinamica

hud_fastswitch 1 // schimbare arma fara click

_cl_autowepswitch "1"

m_pitch "0.022" // miscare mouse pe verticala

m_yaw "0.022" // miscare mouse pe orizontala

m_filter "0" // filtrare mouse

joystick "0" // suport joystick

// high FPS configuration file

// PLAYzone.cz GUI

// by Martin Rotter


// This onfiguration files sets only graphical side of the game.

// Author of this configuration file takes NO responsibility

// for this file because some CS leagues may evaluate this config

// as being illegal due to some of its commands.

// Sou you can use it at YOUR OWN risk. Most of values are set

// carefully so that config could be CAL and ESL compatible,

// but as i have said, YOU CAN USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

// limit cmds

mp_decals "25" // maximum number of explicitly rendered textures

max_shells "0" // maximum number of rendered shells from weapons etc.

max_smokepuffs "120" // maximum number of rendered white smoke puffs - 120 is minimal legal number i think

ex_interp "0.01"

cl_minmodels "1"

// client cmds

cl_highmodels "1" // enables or disables using of variety CS player models

cl_minmodels "0" // if set to 0, all CT / T player models will look the same

cl_dynamiclights "0" // enables or disables using of dynamic lights in CS maps

cl_weather "0" // enables or disables weather effects (rain, etc.)

cl_shadows "0" // enables or disables shadows

fastsprites "2" // this sets visual quality of smokes, 0 - lowest and 3 - highest

precache "1" // if enabled, your CS will use precached resources if available

// probably D3D API cmds

d_spriteskip "0" // sets skipping of some "not important" in-game sprites

d_mipcap "3" // sets advanced details of further objects (0 - 3)

d_mipscale "3" // sets blur details of further objects (probably 0 - 3, not tested)


// sound cmds

snd_noextraupdate "1" // disables updates of sound, this could lead to choppy sound

// OpenGL and Render cmds

r_decals "25" // sets max number of used decals

r_detailtextures "0" // enables or disables high detail textures

r_dynamic "0" // sets on or off some lights on some maps (militia)

r_mirroralpha "0" // enables or disables semi-transparent objects visibility in mirrors

r_mmx "1" // forces using of MMX instruction pack - usable only with MMX-capable processors

r_norefresh "0" // used only for debugging

r_novis "0" // CS loads WHOLE MAP into you RAM if set to 0, but if set to 1, then CS loads only parts of map, which you can actually see

r_shadows "0" // another shadow thing

r_traceglow "0" // settings used for hostages and everything using env_glow entity (look for VHE documentation for further details)

r_waterwarp "0" // enables or disables reflections of objects in the watter

brightness "30" // general brightness of the game

gl_affinemodels "1" // if differs from 0, it uses special algorithm to make models run faster with lower geometry detail

gl_alphamin "0" // not sure about its purpose

gl_clear "1" // clears the screen between frames, setting this to 0 is considered being illegal

gl_lightholes "0" // enables or disables lighting in the corners of objects

gl_max_size "256" // defines max size of used textures i think

gl_cull "1" // if zero, then memory usage of GC goes down and invisible objects are not calculated

gl_dither "0" // if enabled, then engine dithers color information before it is stored to the color memory

gl_flipmatrix "0" // not sure about its purpose

gl_fog "0" // enables or disables fog rendering

gl_spriteblend "1" // sets general details of models, 0 value is considered to be illegal

gl_texsort "0" // not sure about its purpose

gl_keeptjunctions "0" // enables or disables using of colinear vertexes

gl_palette_tex "1" // enables or disables using of palette for indexing colors of textures

gl_picmip "0" // sets degree of quality of textures (0 best and 3 worst i think) - everything else than 0 is propably CAL or ESL illegal

gl_reporttjunctions "0" // if 1, then engine tries to resolve junctions errors

gl_round_down "99" // something about rounding edges of objects

gl_smoothmodels "0" // if enabled, then it displays little blurred models

gl_texturemode "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR" // this sets display mode of textures

gl_wateramp "0" // something about linearising of water surfaces

gl_zmax "4096" // something about wall textures visibility, changing this from default values is probably considered CAL or ESL illegal - default value is probably 5000 or 3600

gl_ztrick "1" // if set to 1, then engine doesn't clear the z-buffer between frames

// ATi cmds - for nVidia cards leave here zeros

ati_subdiv "0"

ati_npatch "0"

Bafta la frage!<3

Edited by Shadow.

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Nu e voie sa intri cu software mode pe majoritatea serverelor.. Recomandat e OpenGL.

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