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[Addons] BaseBuilder 8.2

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Titlu: BaseBuilder 8.2


Acest addons este asemanator cu basebuilder 6.4. Dar are multe update-uri noi si clase de zombie.

Autor: GaBy

Versiune: 8.2




basebuilder82.amxx -Pluginul de baza al modului

basebuilder82_rank.amxx -Un rank nou al modului

basebuilder82-ceata.amxx -Adauga o ceata pe server (se vede prin ea)

basebuilder82-clase.amxx -Plugin ce va formeaza meniul de clase al zombiilor

basebuilder82-human.amxx -Plugin clase oameni

basebuilder82-knife.amxx -Adauga modele la knife-uri

baseBuilder82-shop.amxx -Shop din mod

basebuilder82-stuck.amxx -Acest plugin te deblocheaza

zbb_class_classic.amxx -Clasa zombie normal

zbb_class_alien.amxx -Clasa zombie alien

zbb_class_diablo.amxx -Clasa zombie diablo

zbb_class_fire.amxx -Clasa zombie fire

zbb_class_supreme.amxx -Clasa zombie suprema

zbb_class_distrugator.amxx -Clasa zombie distrugatoare

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